Pop up Wedding Invitation

Pop-up card done: 3 June 2020

Photograph taken: 12 September 2018

Location: Kathu Primary School Library, Northern Cape South Africa

Photographer: Debbie Cloete (Bella Photography)

Wedding date: 1 January 2019

This Pop up Wedding Invitation was inspired by two challenges.

MINTAY PAPERS INSPO PLACE iNSD Challenge 6 – Vera Shelemekh’s challenge for the pop up card. Vera is the queen op pop ups: https://www.youtube.com/user/Verusha1981

I was also inspired by the colors in the June moodboard from Random Arts Creative Hub.

My original idea for our wedding invitation was a pop-up card. This photograph was taken with that in mind, during our engagement shoot. I printed the photograph and a mirror image of the same photograph.

I fussy cut both photographs. This was the second most difficult part of the card.

The idea was to stick the mirror image on the back of the real image, so that you see the same photograph if you look from the back. However, when the card was finished I could not see the back, so in retrospect, it was not necessary to use the mirror image photograph.

I used Mintay Dear Diary on the inside of the invitation. The most difficult part of the card, was to figure out how to make the photograph “pop up”.

As seen in this photograph, I folded the inside of the card in the middle and then 2cm from the middle to each side, to create a “box” on the fold of the card.

In the end, we had a newspaper invitation for our real wedding invitation, becuase we met at the newspaper where I worked at the time. I used parts of the newspaper invitation in this remake.

“Moenie gras onder jou voete laat groei nie!” is a saying in the Afrikaans language. Literally translated, it means “Do not let grass grow beneath your feet”. In this case, if you take too long to RSVP to our wedding, grass might start growing under your feet! I used some green grass from the Mintay Wilderness collection and use a punch to create some grass under our feet. In the photograph, I am standing on some books.

I added some fussy cut elements from Mintay Dear Diary. The message in the typewriter, is also from the original invitation: “Jy is geboek!” is a direct translation of the English: “You are booked!”

The champagne glasses are from Mintay Marry Me.

I also added a fussy cut wedding cake from Mintay Marry Me. “So bietjie anders…” means “A bit different…” We had a New Year’s Eve wedding. We kissed at midnight and signed the register after the kiss, so our wedding date is 1 January 2019.

I used Mintay Life Stories on the outside of the Wedding Invitation. Our wedding had a book theme, so I wanted it to look like the cover of a book. I added a laser cut monogram to the front.

The card closes with a ribbon that looks like storybook paper.

I finished the project off with some diamantés and lace flowers. This was one of the more difficult scrapbooking projects I have ever done, but it was so rewarding to see it come together! I am very pleased with the end result.

And even though it was not our real wedding invitation, to me it is special, because it was my original idea for a wedding invitation.

My mother’s comment on the project was: “This is the most beautiful project. It has just as much detail as your wedding day. Very pretty.”

So I really feel that it captures our wedding day…


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