Create Your Own Sunshine #187

This is my Design Team Project for Scrapping4fun Challenges #187.

Our lovely sponsor for Challenge 187, OddBallArt‘s image comes with both a happy face and a sad face.

I wanted to create a project where I could use both images.

I colored both images with my Derwent Inktense pencils and water. My images are 8,5cm x 14,5cm each. This project was originally designed for 10cm x 10cm photographs.

I started by cutting 4 pieces of cardstock at 11cm x 15cm.

Then marked 5,5cm on the 11cm side of the first two blocks.

Then I connected the marks to draw a pencil line down the center of the two blocks.

Along these lines, I marked 5,5cm again.

On one block, I cut a long slit up to the 5,5cm mark and on the other block a short slit up to the mark.

I then repeated the process on the remaining two blocks, but I marked 5,5cm on the 15cm side of the block, connected the marks, drew a line, marked 5,5cm in and cut both up to the 5,5cm point.

I cut my two dolls at 7cm from the top. And stuck the happy top to the first block. My image is 8,5cm wide, so the 4,25 point aligns with the 5,5cm marking on the cardstock. If you use a 10cm x 10cm photo – it will be a lot easier to align the center of the photograph with the mark. All the word sentiments I used also makes it more difficult for the card to turn, so I would advise you to only use the photographs.

I then stuck the happy bottom to the second block. My image is 8,5cm wide, so again the 4,25 point aligns with the 5,5cm marking on the cardstock.

I then repeated the same process with the pieces of the sad doll.

I slided the happy face and bottom pieces into each other.

Then I slided the sad face piece in with the sad face over the happy face, but the bottom part of the same piece between the happy face and the happy bottom pieces.

Lastly, I slided the sad bottom piece in with the picture in front at the bottom part, but at the top part, I slided the card behind both the sad and happy faces.

The happy pieces was landscape at this point and the sad pieces portrait.

The theme for this challenge was stitching. I stitched the landscape pieces together and the portrait pieces together. This did not work as perfectly as I had anticipated. I would rather recommend sticking it together with washi tape or stitching on a separate piece of paper and then using that paper as washi tape.

What I really love about this project is the fact that I could incorporate both the sad and the happy dolls. This card would be perfect for somebody that is feeling a bit down – to turn that frown upside down!


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