About Me Layout

Layout done: 7 June 2020

Typewriter photograph taken: 25 November 2014 – Kathu – by Marthani Martins (So Kreatief)

Main (round) photograph taken: 3 September 2018 – Toadbury Hall, Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa – by Renske de Klerk (RDK Photography)

Scrapbooking photograph taken: 1 February 2020 – Boa-Fé, Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa – by Ivy Lourens

Camera photograph taken: 15 February 2020 – JAMSS, Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa – by Leandri Ludik (Wildemakou Fotografie)

This “About Me” layout was inspired by two challenges.

The first one was Mintay Papers Inspo Place iNSD Challenge 13 – Donna Espiritu’s challenge to create an “About me” layout.

The second one was the June Moodboard on the Random Arts Creative Hub. I love all the pink! The quote is also so perfect: “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”

With this layout I wanted to show the three main aspects of who I am: Photographer, Children’s Book Author and Scrapbooker.

The brick background and the frame around my photograph are from Mintay Dear Diary. The frame around the fussy cut camera is from Mintay’s Frame Book. The camera is also from Dear Diary. The metal camera embellishment is from the Celebr8 Photobooth collection.

The pink fussy cut typewriter is also from Mintay Dear Diary. The “Once upon a Time” quote is from Celebr8’s Our Story collection. The wood typewriter embellishment was from my stash.

For the scrapbooking part, I was a bit shocked that I could not find scrapbooking embellishments that were specifically made about scrapbooking… The fussy cut stack of books (imagine them as scrapbook albums) are from Mintay Dear Diary. The fussy cut scissors is from Mintay’s Junk Book. I thought it was so funny to cut scissors out, using scissors! The metal scissors are from Celebr8’s Formal Affair collection. The badge with the quote is from Celebr8’s Photobooth Collection. I thought the quote was very fitting for scrapbook albums: “A good life is a collection of happy moments.”

I used some gauze and foam squares at the back of the fussy cut elements. I also used dimensional foam at the backs of the frames to create the look that it is hanging on a wall.

The teacups are kind of my scrapbooking logo, so I included fussy cut tea cups from De Art Studio’s Tea Time collection.

My brand is “Lugkasteel”. In the Afrikaans language, to build “lugkastele”, means to daydream. The carousel horses from the Mintay Forever Young collection, adds to the dreamy feeling.

I also included the quote: “Live your best life” from free Celebr8 paper, from their New Beginnings collection, that appeared in the Scrap Affairs magazine. I added a little mirror embellishment, because this layout is all “about me” looking in the mirror…

The main (round) photograph (a wedding photograph of myself) is placed on a branded Lugkasteel CD (I use them for my photography clients). Part of Donna’s challenge was to do some distressing techniques. I used sandpaper on the edges of the round photograph and stuck it on silver glitter paper.

I finished the layout off with some diamanté’s and some paper flowers.

My mother-in-lay (who used to be an advanced scrapbooking teacher)’s comments on this layout was: “The detail and relevance of your embellishments and the application of color, balace and design is excellent!”

Durban Adventure with my Bestie

These photographs were taken in Durban, South Africa on 23 and 24 May 2013. My Bestie and I celebrated the 21st birthday of our friendship with an awesome vacation!

We stayed at ATKV Natalia, where we had access to a private beach. But we didn’t spend too much time on the beach, because we had a jam-packed schedule: uShaka Marine World, watching The Sharks rugby team play live in “the shark tank”… Having a (surprisingly expensive) rickshaw ride and drinking cocktails on the roof of a revolving restaurant.

In am entering Challenge YOUrself #80 . . . I’m On Vacation! with this layout.

I am also entering this layout into the Academy of Scrapbooking and Art’s August 2020 Challenge.

And I used this layout to solve Case File No. 327 on CSI (Color – Stories – Inspiration) http://csichallenge.blogspot.com/ with the red elements in my layout, especially the airplane die cut, the world map and the original plane tickets! The Case File reminds me of all the planning that went into our vacation.

The layout was based on this sketch by Michelle van Wyk – Sketch 13 of 2019 on the Facebook-group Scrap and Sell Across South Africa:

I actually kept the plane and rugby tickets (this was before my scrapbooking days). I was so glad that I could include them in the layout.

We has such a great time and it was such an awesome way to celebrate the milestone of our friendship turning 21. We are planning a trip to Mauritius in 2022, to celebrate the next milestone of a 30 year friendship!

Daddy’s Little Helper

Photograph taken: August 1986

Location: Farm Tierkop, Kuruman Hills, Northern Cape, South Africa

Photographer: My mother (Alta du Plessis)

Layout done: 29 June 2020

In South Africa, Father’s Day was celebrated on 21 June this year. I did this layout for Bee Crafty Scrap’s “Father Competition”.

I scrapped a photograph of my father and I. I was just over one year old. The photograph was taken on our farm one late afternoon. My father took me with him when he worked on the farm. On this photograph there are two pet lambs (and one dog tail) with us – they were given milk from bottles.

I used fussy cut elements and paper from the Farmlife collection by Mintay Papers – they were just perfect for this photograph! The large frame around the entire layout is from the Beauty in Bloom collection and the smaller frames are from Mintay’s Frame Book.

I used foam squares between the layers of the fussy cut elements. I used glitter glue on the flowers and added some diamanté and pearl details. I folded the butterflies in half and only stuck them down in the middle, to have their wings stand up a bit.

I also addes some paper flowers to the layout.

The edges of the fussy cut elements were inked.

I used dimensional foam to lift the frames from the layout.

I really enjoyed this layout and I think it is a special way to preserve this precious photograph.

Fruit: “Operation Baked Pears”

Photographs taken: 26 September 2016

Event: Book Launch

Location: Café @ Tshimo, Kathu, Northern Cape, South Africa

Photographer: Marthani Martins (So Kreatief)

Layout done: 25 June 2020

Design Team Project for: https://happycraftchallenge.blogspot.com/

Woohoo! This is my first ever Design Team project!!! #dreamcometrue

I also entered this layout in the CSI (Color – Stories – Inspiration) Scrapbook Challenge for Case File No. 322 and especially drew my inspiration from the pear image. Some of the colors are similar, but I did not use all of the same colors.

The quote, “One Day or Day One – You Decide” is very fitting for the layout of my book launch. 2016 was the first year I started to set one big goal per year. The goal for 2016 was to write and publish a children’s book. The book was launched on 26 September 2016!

The fact that this project is my very first Design Team project ever is so amazing, because my one big goal for 2020 was to become a Scrapbooking Design Team Member!

In the past month I have been accepted into three design teams – Studio Tekturek, The Happy Craft Challenge and The Crafter’s Café Challenge.

My theme for this project at The Happy Craft Challenge, is Fruit.

On 26 September 2016, my first full length children’s book was launched. The name of the book is “Operasie Gebakte Pere” – literally translated, it would be “Operation Baked Pears”, but it also has a figurative meaning in the Afrikaans language of being in trouble.

At the book launch, the guests were served baked pears.

My mother once gave me this picture of a pear she cut out of a pear box.

When I saw the Fruit-theme, I immediately thought of using the pear and photographs of my book launch.

The papers I used are:

Teacher’s pet by EcoPark.

Caffeine Fix from the Coffee Break Collection by Prima.

I tore the paper and stuck them together to create a background from both.

I used frames from the Mintay Papers Frame Book.

I used “Old Paper” Distress ink on the edges of the frames.

The photographs include a photograph of the baked pears, a photograph of pear ornaments, me with a copy of the book (and a personalized mug I received from the publisher) and two photographs of me signing books at the launch.

I always write the following message when I sign a book, so I decided to write it down for this layout of the book launch.

In English, the message will read: “May the flights of my imagination reach you on the wings of paper airplanes, and fill you with inspiration.”

I used chipboard words from Creative Embellishments and painted the with bronze all purpose ink.

I used dimensional foam to lift the frames from the photographs.

I used glue to stick the chipboard words to the frames. My trick, if some of the glue shows, is to add glitter.

I added some fussy cut elements with foam squares and gauze. The gauze creates softness and texture.

I also stuck down some word stickers to create more interest.

I put flowers, that look like storybook pages, behind the pear.

And finished the page off with some buttons.

This project was very special and exciting to do, because it is the combination of two goals and two success stories!

Also see my process video (Part 1 and Part 2) of this layout on YouTube:

Pop up Wedding Invitation

Pop-up card done: 3 June 2020

Photograph taken: 12 September 2018

Location: Kathu Primary School Library, Northern Cape South Africa

Photographer: Debbie Cloete (Bella Photography)

Wedding date: 1 January 2019

This Pop up Wedding Invitation was inspired by two challenges.

MINTAY PAPERS INSPO PLACE iNSD Challenge 6 – Vera Shelemekh’s challenge for the pop up card. Vera is the queen op pop ups: https://www.youtube.com/user/Verusha1981

I was also inspired by the colors in the June moodboard from Random Arts Creative Hub.

My original idea for our wedding invitation was a pop-up card. This photograph was taken with that in mind, during our engagement shoot. I printed the photograph and a mirror image of the same photograph.

I fussy cut both photographs. This was the second most difficult part of the card.

The idea was to stick the mirror image on the back of the real image, so that you see the same photograph if you look from the back. However, when the card was finished I could not see the back, so in retrospect, it was not necessary to use the mirror image photograph.

I used Mintay Dear Diary on the inside of the invitation. The most difficult part of the card, was to figure out how to make the photograph “pop up”.

As seen in this photograph, I folded the inside of the card in the middle and then 2cm from the middle to each side, to create a “box” on the fold of the card.

In the end, we had a newspaper invitation for our real wedding invitation, becuase we met at the newspaper where I worked at the time. I used parts of the newspaper invitation in this remake.

“Moenie gras onder jou voete laat groei nie!” is a saying in the Afrikaans language. Literally translated, it means “Do not let grass grow beneath your feet”. In this case, if you take too long to RSVP to our wedding, grass might start growing under your feet! I used some green grass from the Mintay Wilderness collection and use a punch to create some grass under our feet. In the photograph, I am standing on some books.

I added some fussy cut elements from Mintay Dear Diary. The message in the typewriter, is also from the original invitation: “Jy is geboek!” is a direct translation of the English: “You are booked!”

The champagne glasses are from Mintay Marry Me.

I also added a fussy cut wedding cake from Mintay Marry Me. “So bietjie anders…” means “A bit different…” We had a New Year’s Eve wedding. We kissed at midnight and signed the register after the kiss, so our wedding date is 1 January 2019.

I used Mintay Life Stories on the outside of the Wedding Invitation. Our wedding had a book theme, so I wanted it to look like the cover of a book. I added a laser cut monogram to the front.

The card closes with a ribbon that looks like storybook paper.

I finished the project off with some diamantés and lace flowers. This was one of the more difficult scrapbooking projects I have ever done, but it was so rewarding to see it come together! I am very pleased with the end result.

And even though it was not our real wedding invitation, to me it is special, because it was my original idea for a wedding invitation.

My mother’s comment on the project was: “This is the most beautiful project. It has just as much detail as your wedding day. Very pretty.”

So I really feel that it captures our wedding day…

Colorful Camera Creation

Project done: 2 June 2020
Photograph taken: 14 September 2015
Photographer: Marthani Martins (So Kreatief)
Location: Kathu – Sishen Golf Course, Northern Cape, South Africa

I made a camera from scrapbook paper with a photograph of myself, holding my camera, in the middle.

This project was inspired by MINTAY PAPERS INSPO PLACE iNSD Challenge 11 – Julia Nowakowska’s challenge to create an unusual shaped composition with fussy cut elements.

I used Mintay Lovely Day. I used the shape of a camera, a photograph of myself with my camera and some silver glitter paper.

I used distress ink on the edges of all the elements and I used dimensional foam to lift the different parts.

I added fussy cut cameras from Mintay Paradise and fussy cut flowers and leaves from the Flora Book.

I used gauze and foam squared at the backs of the fussy cut elements and added fabric flowers, glitter, diamantés and sequin flowers to the creation.

This project was so much fun to do!

I finished the look off with a ribbon from Celebr8’s Photobooth collection and some stickers from my stash to create the illusion of camera buttons.

Bingo Card – Sheer Bliss

Card made: 1 June 2020

This card was inspired by MINTAY PAPERS INSPO PLACE iNSD Challenge 8 – Magdalena Nowicka’s challenge to make a card with bingo.

My three chosen Bingo elements were: Lace, White and Chipboard.

I used a white card and added sheer white lace to the front.

I put a frame from Mintay’s Frame Book over the lace to round the card off neatly. I used some distress ink on the edges of the frame.

I used a block of elements from a free Mintay page, containing Bingo, a feather and a cat. I used dimensional foam on the back of the block to lift it from the card. I also used some distress ink on the edges of the block.

I added a lace flower over these elements, to tie together the background lace. I added a real feather over the feather picture.

I fussy cut another copy of the cat and used foam blocks and a bit of gauze behind the cat to create dimension on the card. I used some distress ink on the edges of the cat.

I stuck chipboard sunflowers in two of the corners with Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue and finished the card off with some word stickers and diamantés. I really enjoyed making this beautiful, feminine card. Sheer bliss on sheer lace!

Paper Mosaic Table for Kitchen

For this project I was inspired by two challenges and a ‘fear’ of ending up with 140 scrapbook albums. At the end of February, I received some albums I ordered and I was shocked to see that I filled 7 albums in one year! So if I continue to scrap at this pace, I will have 140 scrapbook albums in 20 years’ time. This was a big shock for me to process.

I worked on this project for most of March 2020, so at least I did not have a lot of layouts to put into albums for March… But ultimately I did not enjoy it as much as I do normal scrapbook layouts, so in April I will continue to accumulate my 140 albums…

First I was inspired by the colors of the Mixed Media Academy Challenge for March – to use black and white photographs with shades of purple.

Secondly, I was inspired by the More Than Words Challenge for March to use square photographs and a food theme.

My Kitchen is actually purple, so incorporating the food theme was very easy. I decided to revamp a small table in our kitchen.

This is what the table looked like before the revamp. I actually really liked how it looked. Except…

The table had spray paint marks on the one corner that really irritated me. Also the blue color did not really fit into the purple kitchen.

This is the theme of my kitchen. So I decided to paint the table in a sand color with chalk paint.

Furthermore I was inspired by this lovely coffee table my mother-in-law did in 2006. She used scrapbook paper to “mosaic” the table and then covered it with liquid glass.

So after painting the table, I started to cut and puzzle black and white photographs with a food or drink theme and different shades of purple blocks.

I used brown distress ink on the edges of all the blocks.

I painted the chipboard pieces with black all purpose ink. Then I used modge podge to glue all the blocks and the ribbon down on the table.

The main photograph is of my husband and I cutting our wedding cake.

I put ribbon around the edge of the table to act as a ‘dam wall’ for the liquid glass, but the liquid glass was thick enough not to run down the edges.

The liquid glass consists of two bottles that I mixed together. After pouring it over the table, I used the box it came in to scrape the liquid glass evenly over the whole table.

It only made bubbles where I put the chipboard words and butterflies, not at the photographs or the paper. I used a straw to blow on the bubbles to remove them.

I used two boxes of liquid glass, but it was not enough for the entire table. South Africa is in Lockdown due to the Corona Virus at the moment, so I could not buy more liquid glass, but after the Lockdown I will add another layer of liquid glass with two more boxes. The table had to stay in a room without dust or insects for a week before I could add another layer or use the table.

I love my table, but I look forward to doing albums full of normal scrapbook layouts in the future!

“Highlight of my Day”

Layout done: 29 January 2020

Photographs taken: 2019 and 2020

Location: Farm Rooikoppies, Kuruman District, Northern Cape, South Africa

Photographers: Hettie & Phillip Krüger (kiss photo with camera on timer)

We have this beautiful dam behind our home. Watching the sun set over the water, really is the highlight of my day…

I spelled it “highlite” because HigHligHt has three H’s and the packet of alphabet stickers only had two.

I did this layout to enter into the January 2020 Challenge on More Than Words – using sunset colors and the word “Highlight”. The sunset colors inspired me immediately to do a layout about the actual sunset!

I based the layout on Sketch 4 for 2020 of Dusty Attic’s “A Year of Sketches”. But I just couldn’t choose only four sunset photographs (we have sooooo many) – so I adjusted the layout to add six photographs.

I used paper from two Collections by Mintay Papers – the clouds from Dreamer and the soft, pastel sunset colors from Forever Young.

Wow! The paper really fit in perfectly with this project.

I used a pink doily on the background – this is what the layout looked like before I added the photographs.

Added some paper flowers from Little Birdie and fussy cut the rest of the flowers and the leaves from the Flora Book by Mintay Papers. The yellow doily represents the sun.

I used gold glitter on the chipboard curls to fit in with the gold letters of the title. I also had some pastel color confetti from a wedding we attended. I stuck them down randomly and finished it all off with some diamantés.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy watching the sun set over the dam in the evening…